Asbestos TEst Kit

Concerned that you may have asbestos on your property? Download our DIY Asbestos test kit which details the safety equipment, procedures to sample asbestos safely and instructions to ensure no exposure occurs.
**Not available for ACT.


Asbestos Management

Site inspections, NATA Laboratory accredited asbestos testing, asbestos air monitoring and clearance certification with local Occupational Hygienists based in regional NSW.  Australia-wide DIY Asbestos test kit service with low-cost analysis fee.


Nata Asbestos laboratory

Fully equipped in-house laboratory provides certified identification & testing for all hazardous materials and is NATA accredited for scientific testing for the presence of asbestos fibres present in air or bonded with materials.  Fast, accurate and confidential service.


DIY Asbestos Test Kit

DIY Asbestos test kit using a kit downloaded from our website here.  This kit details the safety equipment required and procedures required  to sample asbestos safely and instructions as to how to seal back up the sample area to ensure no contamination or exposure occurs.

Asbestos Testing

We are NATA accredited for our asbestos testing and asbestos identification sampling and testing process.  For more

Asbestos Air Monitoring

Asbestos air monitoring makes sure the health risk from asbestos fibres in the air in a workplace and/or construction site is kept at safe levels. Regional Enviroscience is NATA accredited for the testing of asbestos collected from the air. For more

Asbestos Building Registers

An Asbestos building register is a comprehensive document that lists all identified – or assumed – asbestos in a commercial building (including investment properties), public building or workplace.  Required BY LAW if the building that was constructed BEFORE 31 December 2003 or Asbestos has been identified in the building. For more

Asbestos Mangagement plans

An Asbestos management plan is required if Asbestos has been identified and unlikely to be disturbed.  This plan is completed by Regional Enviroscience at the time the asbestos building register is produced and is part of your duty of care to ensure safety of people that enter the site or building. For more

Asbestos Awareness Training

Regional Enviroscience provides asbestos awareness training for employees carrying out asbestos removal work, where naturally occurring asbestos is likely to be found at a workplace and as part of an organisation’s Asbestos Management Plan when managing asbestos in the workplace.  A worker must not handle asbestos unless they have have completed appropriate training.  For more

Clandestine or Meth Lab Clearance

Due to the chemical processes involved in illegal Methamphetamine production a specialist is required for remediation/clean up or future inhabitants could suffer serious health problems which can include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, lack of coordination, eye and tissue irritation and chemical burns. For more

Sewage Contamination

Bacterial pathogens are spread when raw sewage is backed up through drains and outlets in a property causing contamination commonly in the bathroom, laundry & kitchen.  Normal cleaning doesn’t necessarily remove all pathogens and a specialist is required who can clean and provide clearance that the area is safe for re-habitation. For more

Air Pollution Testing

We test all types of pollution found in air from mould & fungi, asbestos, noise dust and vibration.  For more

Mould & Fungi

Mould & fungi in a home or workplace can cause discomfort and many illnesses such as respiratory illness, headaches/migranes, cough, sinus problems & rashes.  For more

Water Pollution

The impact of drought, climate change and population growth has caused increasing stress on water supplies.  Regional Enviroscience can test for a full range of micro-organisms, elemental and organic chemical contaminants in the assessment of toxicity in a water quality assessment. Ensure your supply is clean and that your activities are not impacting on the water supply. For more

Ground Water Management

The impact of drought, climate change and population growth has caused increasing stress on water supplies.  Enviroscience assists with groundwater investigations & impact assessments, remediation and monitoring programs and surface and groundwater monitoring. For more

Environmental Management

Comprehensive services designed to help evaluate risk and deliver innovative strategies to meet regulatory & legislative environmental requirements at the local, state and national levels with specific expertise in air, water, flora & fauna, radioactive waste, hazardous materials, noise,  plus work safety and health requirements. For more

Construction Management Plans

Environmental construction management plans are an essential tool for setting and managing environmental objectives and compliance with tender, project and environmental legislation for the various phases of a project.  For more

Road Maintenance Occupational Hazards

The Roads and Maritime Service NSW (RMS) has recognised the potential hazards in some of the assets it owns and works undertaken which can include asbestos containing materials (ACMs), naturally occurring asbestos (NOA), bridges and other assets painted with lead based paint, disturbance of dust as well as excessive noise and vibration. For more

NATA Laboratory Services

Our fully equipped in-house laboratory provides certified identification & testing for all hazardous materials and is NATA accredited for public testing for the presence of Asbestos. For more

Asbestos & Hazardous Materials Consultancy

We help keep employees, the community and the environment safe from hazardous substances through identification, monitoring & management of contaminants which may include asbestos, noise, dust and vibration, chemicals, moulds, lead and radiation.

Available 24/7, with locally based team throughout regional NSW, we ensure you comply with your legal and ethical obligations and minimise disruption to your normal operations.

From construction to mining, demolition to renovation we offer the most cost-effective service in regional NSW with offices in the Hunter Valley, Central and Riverina regions of NSW.