Asbestos Awareness Training – should be a no-brainer

There is a lot of confusion around training and requirements with respect to asbestos.

While most of us know that asbestos removal requires a licence – you may not be aware of the Australian legal requirements that are imposed upon employers for asbestos awareness training.

Who should do Asbestos Awareness Training?

Australian legislation requires employers train any personnel who are working around asbestos to complete asbestos awareness training – a course that provides the skills and knowledge to understand the risks of asbestos, to be able to safely identify asbestos and to recognise the common occurrences and risks of asbestos contamination.

In regional areas, naturally occurring asbestos is also very prevalent, so information on how to identify these risks is important too.

Why Asbestos Awareness Training?

Aside from the legal requirement, and wanting to safely look after your valuable workforce, having employees who can safely identify asbestos is a key part of an organisation’s safety framework and risk management.

The more who can identify and be aware of asbestos, the less risk there is of asbestos products being accidentally damaged or asbestos fibres being released into the air creating potential exposures to your staff and or the public.

It’s about sensibly managing risk. Many employees are likely to be too young to remember the horrors of asbestos-related illnesses in the news.   This course teaches them how to take the risks surrounding asbestos seriously.

Easy Asbestos Awareness Training

I founded Regional Enviroscience in 2008 and with my 30+ years’ experience in protecting people from hazardous substances, I’ve had a lot time to learn the ins and out of what workers need to learn to stay safe and also the requirements of organisations like yours that need to comply with legislation having limited time & resources.

That’s why I created our suite of online courses – so it is easy for both workers and organisations to protect themselves – complete with the latest up-to-date information (such as asbestos imports and naturally occurring asbestos) and legislation – with courses meeting compliance requirements in all states (excluding the ACT).

Highly practical and interactive – most of the images you will see in this course come from what my colleagues and I have found in the field – and these practical, on the tools learning experiences really resonates with workers.

The beauty too, is that as staff come and go it is very easy to ensure all your team meets training requirements as it is simple and quick to enrol.

Usually $99, we’re offering a launch special of $77 per student for online asbestos awareness training until the end of August.  Just use the code LINKAUG at checkout for this special rate.

Click here to go to the course.

Look forward to your enrolment.