Asbestos Training Services

Workshop/Classroom Style and Online Asbestos Awareness Training

Regional Enviroscience provides a range of  practical and code-compliant training options for individuals or organisations working with asbestos or in an asbestos hazard area.  This training is in addition to the general training requirements required as part of an employers primary duty of care to provide information, training and instruction.

As occupational hygienists with a proven specialty expertise in asbestos, EnviroScience’s asbestos awareness courses cover all legislative requirements, emerging risk areas (including naturally occurring asbestos and imported goods) is written and spoken in the natural language of the students and is available in multiple versions depending upon level of management and seniority in the company

Online asbestos awareness training

EnviroScience’s online asbestos awareness training is a cloud or client’s LMS based online, self-paced asbestos  awareness course – designed by the experts in the field of keeping people safe from asbestos hazards.  Completion of the course, quizzes throughout the modules and a final test awards the student with a certificate of completion and satisfies the current legislation to train all workers with a risk of coming into contact with asbestos.

Classroom/workshop Asbestos Awareness Training tailored to your organisation needs

EnviroScience has completed numerous client-specific, face to face training programs in Regional NSW.    Many of these have been for the whole organisation – from Director – to understand their responsibilities and actions through to site managers, supervisors and workers working with asbestos containing materials.

For example we have separate courses that cover all you need to know if you are:

  • A worker or contractor dealing directly with asbestos
  • Supervisors or site managers
  • Project managers or middle management
  • Director of a company

These are delivered face to face by an EnviroScience Licenced Asbestos Assessor – who is not just a trainer, but someone who has in-depth experience in managing the types of projects staff will be working on.

You can find further information about identifying & handling asbestos also at

Asbestos sample collection video training

Enviroscience offers free online video training in how to safely take a sample of asbestos either from and asbestos containing material (ACM) or naturally occurring asbestos.

You can watch these videos from the links below.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 372 436 to discuss your organisations needs.

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