Australian Import Clearance Testing for Asbestos

NATA Asbestos Laboratory Test Report

24 HOUR TURNAROUND From Sample Receipt

Specialist Asbestos laboratory testing material samples for Asbestos prior to importing to Australia

*24 hr turnaround is based from receipt of samples & does not include transit time to our laboratory

Ensuring goods imported into Australia do not contain asbestos

It is the responsibility of importers to ensure they do not import or export prohibited goods that contain asbestos.  Enviroscience can help buy providing fully compliant importation documentation from our NATA Accredited Asbestos testing laboratory

For importing goods into Australia for Asbestos testing, download our Sample Request Form.

    • 24 hour Asbestos testing result (from receipt of samples) by a NATA accredited laboratory for testing goods for asbestos that are being imported into Australia
    • Information on how to take a sample of bonded or non-friable Asbestos safely to send in for analysis
    • Save money as you take the sample yourself
    • Fully licensed and accredited for quality
    • Over 10 000 samples already tested
    • Asbestos testing $80
    • NOT AVAILABLE in the ACT or for friable Asbestos such as Loose Fill Insulation which must be sampled only by a Licensed Asbestos Assessor.

Asbestos identification in imported goods

Asbestos cannot be identified by a visual inspection.

Many countries around the world are still using Asbestos in the production of certain materials.  It is up to the importer to ensure that any goods imported into Australia have been cleared of containing asbestos.  So-called “asbestos free” building materials that actually contain the deadly compound continue to slip into Australia from overseas, despite an import ban.

Asbestos has recently been detected in a wide range of imported goods, including:

  • Gaskets
  • Jointing materials in flues
  • Furnaces
  • Ducts
  • Pipe spools
  • Heating equipment
  • Pressurised hoses
  • Brake pad

Asbestos has also been detected in the packaging of these goods.

If you are an importer of goods into Australia and they could contain asbestos, samples can be sent to EnviroScience at our NATA accredited testing laboratory for testing and clearance certification

Ensuring goods imported into Australia do not contain asbestos

It is the responsibility of importers to ensure they do not import or export prohibited goods that contain asbestos.

There are factors that increase the risk of importing asbestos or asbestos containing materials. Enquiries should be made with suppliers outside Australia about any use of asbestos at the point of manufacture, or good tested for asbestos prior to importing goods into Australia.

Importers should be aware of the increased risk of goods containing asbestos when sourced from countries that have asbestos producing industries. Goods which are manufactured in the same factory that produce asbestos containing goods are considered high risk due to possible cross contamination.

Importers should not assume that goods labelled “asbestos free” are in fact free of asbestos or that testing of goods undertaken overseas certified “asbestos free” meet Australia’s border requirements. Some countries can lawfully label or test goods, declaring them asbestos free, if they are below a certain threshold.

Importers seeking certification from suitably accredited testing laboratories outside Australia are advised to check the following information prior to engaging a laboratory:

  • is the laboratory accredited by a NATA recognised equivalent through a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for the test required?
  • is the laboratory’s Scope of Accreditation still valid and in date at the time of testing?

The certification must be provided to a Collector in writing and must:

  • demonstrate the testing laboratory had a valid scope of accreditation for the testing of asbestos in bulk samples at the time the testing took place
  • demonstrate the samples tested have been drawn from the actual shipment of goods.

Regional Enviroscience can provide NATA accredited Asbestos testing to meet all requirements of the Australian Border Force for importation into Australia

Accredited Asbestos Testing

Enviroscience downloadable Sample Request Form was developed and prepared by Enviroscience’s Occupational Hygienist and Licensed Asbestos Assessor for suspected bonded or non-friable Asbestos products. Simple to download and easy to understand.

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Sample Request Form

Download our Sample Request Form, with an easy checklist for preparing a sample on bonded or non-friable Asbestos in your house for Asbestos testing. Enviroscience offers an Asbestos testing service with a fast 24 hour turnaround and completely confidential result from our NATA laboratory emailed quickly.

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