Asbestos Inspection & Management Plans

An Asbestos management plan is required if through an inspection and testing, Asbestos has been identified and unlikely to be disturbed.  This plan is completed by Regional Enviroscience at the time the Asbestos building register is produced.  The Asbestos management plan contains

  • The location of Asbestos and any naturally occurring Asbestos
  • Decisions, and reasons for decisions, for the management of Asbestos at the site/building
  • Safe work procedures and control measures
  • Procedures for incidents and emergencies involving Asbestos, including responsibilities
  • Information, consultation and training responsibilities to workers carrying out work involving Asbestos.
  • An outline of how Asbestos risks will be controlled, including consideration of appropriate control measures.
  • A timetable for managing risks of exposure, including dates and procedures for the review of the Asbestos management plan and activities that could affect the timing of a review.
  • Persons with responsibilities and their responsibility under the Asbestos management plan.
  • Asbestos Air monitoring procedures at the site, if required

Your responsibilities are to ensuring the plan is:

  • Maintained with up-to-date information
  • Reviewed at least every five years or when requested by a health and safety representative (HSR) or when Asbestos is removed, disturbed, sealed or enclosed
  • Accessible to any worker or PCBU who has carried out or intends to carry out work at the workplace and any health and safety representatives

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