Asbestos Testing – Sample Request Form

Asbestos cannot be identified by a visual inspection.  All suspect Asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) must be tested in a NATA Asbestos laboratory to confirm the material contains Asbestos.  Enviroscience offers an Asbestos testing service for commercial clients and a downloadable Sample Request Form which is also an Asbestos home test kit.  The Asbestos home test kit is developed and prepared by an Occupational Hygienist and Licenced Asbestos Assessor.

Download our Sample Request Form, with an easy checklist for preparing a sample for Asbestos testing.  We offer an Asbestos testing kits with a fast 24 hour turnaround from sample receipt and confidential result emailed quickly.

This service is not available in the ACT or for friable (loose) Asbestos where Asbestos sampling is required to be undertaken by a licensed Asbestos assessor. 

What products may contain Asbestos?

Until the mid-1980s, Asbestos was widely used in a range of commercial and home building materials.  Common names for some Asbestos products are ‘fibro’, ‘Asbestos cement’, ‘AC sheeting’, ‘Asbestos cement sheet’, ‘Asbestos cement moulded products’ (including commonly used Asbestos concrete pipes), ‘bitumen-based water proofing ‘- commonly on pipes and ‘Asbestos floor tiles’.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Asbestos Testing

Fill out the chain of custody form supplied with the Sample Request Form and send the sample to our NATA accredited Asbestos testing laboratory.  The results will be emailed or mailed with results indicating the type of Asbestos (if any) detected eg Chrysotile, Amostie or Crocidolite.

You can find further information about identifying & handling asbestos also at

Asbestos Testing Cost

We offer a 24 hour service  on our Sample Requests so you can receive your results fast.  Usually costing $100 per sample, the 24 hour service has a special price for a limited time of $80 per sample!

DIY Asbestos Check

For more information on our  quick, easy and cost-effective service give us a call on 1300 372 436.

We provide a Sample Request service Australia-wide, and service most areas across NSW, ACT and other states and territories.