Drone Stockpile Measurement

Drone Stockpile Measurement

Managing stockpile inventory, ie finding a solution for accurate volume measurement and easy inventory management, is one of the biggest challenges in local government and mining. Drone Stockpile Measurement is a solution.

Regional EnviroScience now offers drone photogrammetry that can achieve measurement accuracies of around 2-5% for stockpile volumes. High-resolution images give more details of the mapped stockpiles, which is useful in source identification and for waste classification

Why use drone photogrammetry for stockpile volume measurements?

When it comes to stockpile volume measurements, stockpiles do not conform to a perfect shape. A photogrammetric survey with a fine ground sampling distance (GSD, which indicates the actual distance each pixel represents) is able to better describe irregular stockpiles in detail.

Using drones and appropriate software, stockpile measurements are able to be completed quickly and efficiently. To achieve the same outputs using other ground surveying methods, it could take 10 x the time, addition to risking personnel exposure to a potentially toxic environment. This innovative combination of computer vision and photogrammetry for stockpile measurement enables the rapid creation of maps and surface models as well as their preservation, so if monitoring an area over time is required, it is much easier.

Typically, there are several types of stockpiles for Drone Stockpile Measurement

Standard stockpile is the most generic stockpile type. It is constructed with basic bucket loading and dumping techniques.

Ramp stockpile is constructed high, with a narrow ramp, and is optimal for storing a large amount of materials in a very limited area.

Bin stockpile is a common stockpile type. Materials are stored in a row of three-sided bins, with enclosures consisting of a hard floor and walls. It is the best solution to keep different materials separate.

We do Drone Stockpile Measurement in Dubbo, Orange, Tamworth, Mudgee, Wagga, The Riverina, Bathurst, Central West NSW, Orana, Narromine, Cobar, Brewarinna, Coonabarabran, Parkes Forbes, Gunnedah, New England, Guyra, Armidale, Hunter Valley, Lithgow.