Micro-organisms & bacteria testing caused by sewage overflow or water not treated correctly

Common diseases caused by bacterial pathogens include the orally transmitted e. Coli infection causing nausea, abdominal cramping, fever & diarrhea, or Legionella which is a water-borne disease.

When are bacterial pathogens likely to occur?

Bacterial pathogens are spread in instances such as a blocked sewage pipe or drain, where raw sewage is backed up through drains and outlets in a property causing contamination commonly in the bathroom, laundry & kitchen.

Bacterial pathogens are also present in water if it is not treated properly. Bacterial pathogens such as Legionella grow in stagnant water temperature between 20-45 degrees celsius and may occur in conjunction with other bacteria. These bacteria can occur in hot and cold water services, spa baths & pools & water storage tanks.

Why do you need to test for bacterial pathogens after a sewage overflow?

If you have recently had sewage pipe blockage you should consider getting clearance to confirm your property has been appropriately cleaned following bacterial contamination.  Regional Enviroscience can determine if the levels of bacteria in your property are not harmful and it is safe to access the affected area.

If someone in your home or workplace is suffering from sickness believed to be caused from drinking (potable) water or you believe that your potable water is contaminated then Regional Enviroscience can collect samples from your water source, analyse and determine if there is any contamination.

Why use Regional Enviroscience to provide clearance from Bacterial Pathogens when there has been a sewage overflow?

Regional Enviroscience specialises in the assessment and clearance of cleanups after the failing of sewage systems in buildings for both private owners and insurance companies. We are able to grow and analyse majority of the bacterial cultures in our in-house laboratory and provide a report to determine the condition of the property.

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