Asbestos Training – Sample Naturally Occurring Asbestos

Anyone working on ground-disturbing activities (road building, agriculture, forestry, mining, quarrying and urban development) in high potential NOA areas should undertake Naturally Occurring Asbestos training to identify suspected materials and safely take a sample for testing.  You can find a map of high potential NOA areas here: Naturally Occurring Asbestos in NSW Map.

Naturally Occurring Asbestos can also be disturbed by weathering such as wash-aways or natural rock cracking so is a potential hazard for general land users in high potential NOA areas.

Asbestos training – for the workplace

Regional Enviroscience provides tailored, code-compliant  Naturally Occurring Asbestos Training for organisations with employees carrying out work where Naturally Occurring Asbestos has a high probability of being found.  This training is a required component of an Asbestos Management Plan for managing Asbestos in the workplace. If you would like to discuss your training requirements please contact us on 1300 372 436 .