Asbestos, Contaminated Site and Workplace Health Monitoring to Wagga and the Riverina

Wagga & The Riverina Asbestos Services

EnviroScience are known as the asbestos specialists and our Wagga Office provides a vast range of asbestos services including Asbestos Inspection & Assessments, Asbestos Air Monitoring, Asbestos Registers, Asbestos Management Plans, Asbestos Assessment – Fire Damage Specific, Asbestos Removal Plans, Asbestos Remediation Plans, Asbestos Clearances, Naturally Occurring Asbestos Assessments, and Asbestos Awareness Training.

All our team are licensed asbestos assessors and most are degree qualified in science areas.  Don’t risk  your workers health by using a less qualified service – an asbestos removalist is not qualified to provide advice regarding asbestos

Wagga & The Riverina Contaminated Site Services

The team at Enviroscience Wagga Wagga have extensive experience in identifying and then cost-effectively mitigating the risks associated with contamination.

Our service to Wagga & The Riverina include: Change of Land Use AssessmentContaminated Site Assessments, Contaminated Site Remediation Plans, Hazardous Materials Registers, Hazardous Materials Management Plans, Hazardous Materials Remediation Plans, Lead and Soil Surveys, Lead Sampling & Assessment,  Underground Storage (Fuel) Tank SurveysSoil sampling for contamination, Waste Classification and Microbial & Mould Assessments.

Our practical experience extends to providing site assessment, ground investigation, and remedial design on sites potentially contaminated.   We evaluate human health issues related to environmental and occupational exposure to toxic substances. Because of the depth and breadth of our expertise, we are able to effectively respond with scientifically sound and cost-effective solutions for a diverse array of challenges facing our clients, from commercial through to government.

Monitoring for Workers Health & Safety WHS in Wagga & The Riverina

Monitoring dust, gas and vapour hazards is necessary to ensure industrial  workers’ health and to see that the working environment is healthy.  As a large part of  regional NSW has a high probability of Naturally Occurring Asbestos NOA, Asbestos Air Monitoring can be necessary when undertaking earthworks.

Our monitoring services  in Wagga & The Riverina include: Dust Monitoring, Noise Monitoring,Asbestos Air Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Waste Classification , Drone Stockpile Measurement

Our Wagga Office is managed by John Lucas, a Licensed Asbestos Assessor who travels around Wagga & the Riverina helping protect health and the environment through science. To contact John:

12 Chaston St
Wagga Wagga  NSW 2650

Ph: 02 6925 9727