Vibration Monitoring

Why undertake vibration monitoring?

Vibrations from machinery and equipment excessive vibration can have serious negative effects on the body and although the latency period may be long. Conditions caused from excessive vibration include vibration induced white finger which has symptoms such as loss of sensation in fingers, loss of grip strength & bone cysts in fingers & wrists. Whole body vibration can cause reduced comfort, back injuries, motion sickness and interference with work activities.

When to consider monitoring vibration

When looking at vibration in an occupational sense you can either be monitoring hand-arm vibration caused from use of tools such as a jack hammer and other electric tools or whole body vibration from use of plant machinery, vehicles etc. Workers may be overexposed to vibration if they are drivers of heavy machinery that work long shifts and especially if they often drive on construction sites and dirt roads. The use of older plant equipment may heighten the exposure to vibration; newer equipment incorporates low vibration features.

Environmental vibration on a large scale resulting from construction works, rail & road traffic or site operation of plant and machinery can cause disturbance to occupants of buildings and impact on their quality of life.

Vibration assessments may be a necessary to be in compliance with the EPA or development application requirements during construction.

In a workplace where your employees are exposed to vibration, legislation requires (Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011) that risks to health and safety must be managed.

Why call Enviroscience for vibration monitoring?

If you are concerned about vibration contact Regional Enviroscience who will assess the  situation and determine if there is a problem, having completed many vibration surveys and management plans.  Don’t be caught out with heavy WHS fines.

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