Environmental management plans

Environmental management plans are an essential tool for setting and managing environmental objectives and compliance with project and environmental legislation for the various phases of a project.  Enviroscience’s environmental division prepares plans on behalf of clients to meet tender and legislative requirements.

A project-specific document – a contractors environmental management plan details how the requirements identified in the Project environmental management plan will be implemented and managed on site. The plan details how a contractor will mitigate construction impacts and documents their response to inspecting, monitoring, verifying, internal auditing and correcting or improving environmental performance.

The focus of this plan is on a range of environmental indicators including pollution prevention and measurable continuous improvement in environment performance rather than the costly option of controlling, treating or remediating pollution after it has occurred.

Construction sites are constantly changing and systems must be in place to review and modify control measures to maintain their effectiveness. Therefore, frequent inspection, verification, monitoring and auditing is required to maintain and improve the effectiveness of on-site management plans.

Extensive knowledge of current best practices and legislative requirements are required to produce these plans in an effective and meaningful way. Compliance is considered the minimum acceptable performance standard, where possible, best practice environmental management procedures should be adopted.

Enviroscience produces for clients a range of environment focused plans including:

  • Construction Environmental Management Plans
  • Operational Environmental Management Plans
  • Soil and Erosion Control Plans
  • Site Management Plans.

An Enviroscience environmental management plan contains.

  • Environmental Policy, management structure and responsibility
  • Approval and licensing requirements
  • Environmental reporting
  • Training
  • Emergency contacts and response
  • Risk assessment
  • Environmental management activities
  • Environmental control plan
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental auditing
  • Communication
  • Complaints&corrective action
  • Plan Review

We also provide the following schedules:

  • Site environmental induction register
  • Site environmental inspection checklist
  • Environmental complaint
  • Non-conformance report
  • Hazardous substances register
  • MSDS register
  • Waste register