Water Pollution

The impact of drought, climate change and population growth has caused increasing stress on water supplies and increasing attention from the Government and regulators as they work towards managing this contentious issue.

Regional Enviroscience combines in-field experience with technical expertise to provide practical and cost effective solutions for landowners, developers, industry and government that are both cost-effective as well as environmentally responsible.

Chemical contamination

Industry and agriculture use many different chemicals that can run-off onto and pollute water supplies.

Water quality testing

Regional Enviroscience can test for a full range of micro-organisms, elemental and organic chemical contaminants in the assessment of toxicity in a water quality assessment. We also assist with groundwater investigations & impact assessments, remediation and monitoring programs and surface and groundwater monitoring.

Why test water?  In addition to safety aspects here are a number of reasons why you might test water quality and implement a water quality management program.

  • Site remediation of contaminated soil
  • License specification for EPA discharge
  • Process control & internal quality control
  • Regulation& compliance
  • Public health & safety

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