Ground Water Pollution

Groundwater is extensively used right across the Australia being a source of water for drinking, irrigation, stock supply, bottling and many other uses, accounting for over 30% of Australia’s total water consumption

A clean and safe supply of groundwater is essential for the drinking water needs of country towns, major industries, especially agriculture and to support groundwater dependent ecosystems. The NSW State Groundwater Quality Protection Policy provides a comprehensive set of principles for groundwater quality protection and provides guidance on protecting groundwater quality.

Groundwater contamination creates a serious threat to human and animal health and the degradation of wetlands and rivers and occurs when man-made products leak into the water table including fuel and oil and chemicals & bacteria from septic systems,land fill sites, mine sites garbage dumps, abattoirs, cattle feedlots and piggeries.

Monitoring groundwater quality and analysis of its chemical constituents should be carried out on a regular basis where groundwater is being extracted for a variety of uses.  Enviroscience carries out groundwater monitoring and testing for all circumstances including residential & agricultural bores, town water supplies, compliance monitoring and complex groundwater investigations.

Services include: groundwater monitoring, groundwater sampling, water quality, water testing, groundwater testing and underground water monitoring.

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